Undercover Instant Canopy Pop-Up Tent, UC-3R20W Review

$299.98 (as of April 24, 2017, 10:38 pm)

If you are searching for a canopy that works well and will give you the best value for your money, there are several canopies you can choose from. One of the best options you may take for consideration is Undercover Instant Canopy, which is made and designed to meet your needs.

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Undercover Instant Canopy, UC-3R20W quickly creates dedicated space. Perfect for recreational or commercial use, this instant canopy by Undercover works great for anything from street festivals, summertime craft fairs, and picnics in your favorite park to outdoor sporting events and tailgating parties. When compared to other canopies in the market, it offers enough room to set up different tables in various configurations.

Product Features

  • Durable steel frame built with a coating that’s rust resistant.
  • Its sturdy high grade steel frame can hold up against some elements including peeling, chipping, corrosion, and rust.
  • Uses high quality fabric for style and durability while providing UV protection and fire resistance.
  • It can withstand light drizzle only yet must not be used against strong winds or in heavy rain as it might get damaged.
  • Two persons are required for setup.
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Provides perfect shade solution

Instant Shelter

Undercover Instant Canopy, UC-3R20W offers everyone a relief from direct sun exposure and provides comfortable cooling shade. Made without side walls, this instant canopy offers an open-air feel while still giving important protection from the sun. The canopy is made up of polyester and steel and resists water, offers ultraviolet protection, and provides a pointed profile that prevents the water from pooling or directing this off and away.

Simple and Fast Set Up

Undercover Instant Canopy, UC-3R20W can be set up within just a few minutes thanks to its easy to assemble features. There are no loose parts that require some tools for set up. Its rust-resistant coated steel frame ensures durable and long lasting performance. Its stable legs promotes durability on an uneven and flat ground.

Easy to Transport

Lightweight, economical, and convenient, this Undercover Instant Canopy, UC-3R20W is very easy to transport because of its convenient size. If you have different events that require instant shade to enjoy outdoors, Undercover Instant Canopy, UC-3R20W can be transported from one place to another without experiencing any hassles.

Ideal for Any Event of the Season

If you love parties or entertaining guests outdoors, you will need extra shade to enjoy and have fun. Undercover Instant Canopy, UC-3R20W is ideal for any event of the season. Whether it is a special event or just an ordinary day of your life that you want to be celebrated, this instant canopy by Undercover is your perfect choice.


With the numerous instant canopies available in the market, you won’t find anything like Undercover Instant Canopy, UC-3R20W. It works great and offers only nothing but convenience, enabling users to treasure their moments outdoors with their friends or family members. Available at an affordable price, Undercover Instant Canopy is a must have.

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